Secure Payment


We currently accept Visa and please make sure it trusts our site.Our site is safe for any transaction and we guarantee 100% safety.

Should the payment failed,please check out it according to reasons below and at the same time contact us for any further support and Happy Shopping.


Why does my credit card payment fail? 

Payments by credit card may fail because of bank authorization and fraud prevention systems. When you have trouble with making a payment via credit card, you may contact your card-issuing bank.

The following reasons account for most cases of credit card payment failure:

A. The number of credit cards on your account is above the limit – the max number of credit cards you can use for payment on Wholesale-outlets is two. If you exceed the limit, your payment may fail.

B. The amount of payment exceeds credit limit – the max daily spending on Wholesale-outlets for a single credit card is USD600.

C. The billing address is inconsistent with your credit card address.

D. Different users are found to have used the same credit card.

E. Your credit card may not support online transactions.

F. Your credit card may not support 3D security verification.